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Are you looking for an internship for the spring  semester? Use the Baltimore Collegetown Internship website to find the perfect position for you.



Baltimore is overflowing with ways to put your education to work - and get started on your career!  Anyone who has done an internship can tell you that it's one of the best ways to find out if the career you're considering is really right for you.  Put your learning into practice in real-life situations, meet people in the field, and start making connections that could lead to a great first job.


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Finding an internship and making the experience a successful one can be challenging. The Collegetown Internship website also includes tips on how to find that perfect internship and how to make the experience one you won't forget. Plus, find out what internships are available, read about what your peers in Baltimore have done for their internships, and get in touch with the right people to make the internship experience a reality. Check out all of our great resources here.