For years, there’s been a palpable sense that Baltimore is a city on the rise. Beginning with the revitalization of the Inner Harbor and continuing with the more than $2 billion in development programs taking place right now, this town has gotten very serious about staking its claim as a great American city. » see all
Whether you would like to give a student real-world experience through an internship, hire a new graduate, or support Collegetown’s efforts to attract, engage and keep talented students, faculty and staff, there are a lot of ways to get involved. » see all
Whether your daughter or son is currently attending college in Baltimore, or just thinking about it, we're sure that there are things you want to know. Check the links below to learn more and please plan to visit our campuses and our city and take advantage of everything Baltimore has to offer. » see all
Make no mistake about it: Baltimore is a great college town! More than 16 area institutions provide students with tons of opportunities – both academic and social. We hope you encourage students and parents to visit, and that you come see Baltimore for yourself! » see all
Students in Baltimore are making a huge difference! With countless opportunities at each school, and thousands of students taking part in community programs, Baltimore students are changing the face of the city one day at a time. » see all
The Collegetown Shuttle can't take you everywhere, and with gas prices putting a crimp in everyone's budget, you don't want to pour your money into an expensive trip home. Well we are here to help! Check out our ride board and find some carpoolers who can split costs with you. » see all
Don't worry if you don't have a car on campus - there are still plenty of ways to get around Baltimore! With transit options for short journeys downtown like the metro and cabs, and others for those excursions out of town, you will never find yourself stranded without a ride to where all the action is. » see all
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We’ve always been taught to reduce, reuse and recycle, but why stop there? From shopping at local farmers’ markets to biking around the city, there are many ways to get your carbon footprint down to a smaller size. If you’re looking for new and easy ways to live a little greener, you’re in the right place. » see all
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